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Friday, January 10, 2014

We spent most of the day above zero!!

This has been quite a week!  The kids were supposed to go back to school this week but instead they got an extra week of vacation :p  And almost all of it trapped inside--yikes!  But today we got above zero and no crazy forty below windchills.  The roads are still pretty bad and every school in the county is closed again tomorrow.......except S's school :|  No bus service because its a charter school so they posted on facebook that they would be open but of course parents should use their own judgement on whether or not to bring their kids to school.  I told S that I would NOT take him first thing in the morning--we leave before the sun comes up and it will be cold and icy and I'm not taking all the kids out on those roads.  I told him if it was looking better a little later, I would take him in late and he could go for the rest of the day--he's very anxious about it because he wants the roads to be clear enough to go to school before morning recess :p  Someone wants to play with his friends!  However, it is snowing again and the temps are dropping so his school may very well decide to call it for one more day.