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Sunday, April 20, 2014

A busy Easter day....

Iz is exhausted from her busy Easter day :p  Almost as soon as we got home tonight, she was asking to go to bed early :p  She's all tucked in and sound asleep!  Too bad the boys are still wide awake--I could do with an early bedtime myself :p  However, its spring break and so they know they have a later bedtime plus I kinda need to do some homework so they are playing Lego Harry Potter while I slog my way through spreadsheets.

However, I'm taking a short break to post some pictures :)

Last year, Iz seemed slightly confused at first at this egg hunting thing but once she saw what other kids were doing, she was all for it.  This year, she knew exactly what to do and took off running to fill her basket :)
B is FAST and zoomed around at top speed filling his basket. It was quickly overflowing and I'm pretty sure I spotted Iz picking up eggs that were falling out of his basket as he ran LOL
We also did some egg dyeing/decorating.  Iz and B were very prim and proper and careful with theirs but S liked the way the dye felt and got quite messy :p  His eggs were gorgeous, though, when he was all done--they looked like marble.
It has become tradition in our house that once the eggs are emptied and the candy sampled and the money counted, the empty eggs are scattered about again and they hunt for them all over again :p  Usually S is in charge of putting the eggs back out.  Eventually we move to just tossing them out into the grass, the kids gather, and we'll toss them again :p  Iz thought this was the best thing ever ;)