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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

MRI is underway

The poor little bug was so mad at me this morning because I couldn't give her any breakfast. The water and apple juice she was allowed to have just didn't cut it :p

She fell asleep during the drive up to the hospital and when we got here she said she was too tired to walk and said she needed her "strohder":

She was feeling pretty anxious at being in a doctor's office setting but soon found her safe place--behind the chairs in her room where she could peek around the curtains and watch people in the hallways :p  Most of the window was frosted but there was a clear strip near the floor for her to peek through.

They had a hard time getting an IV in so they had to call in the IV team.  She played with her stickers and coloring book while we waited :)

It took the nurse from the IV team two tries to get it in but it's in, Iz got her medications, and now she's asleep.  They took her back and I have around a 45 minute wait here in the waiting room.  The Internet shall keep me distracted :p