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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Iz was not sure what to make of both her therapists being present at speech therapy :p  She kept taking turns glaring at one then the other and growling at them.  Then she'd get distracted by toys and would talk a bit, remember that there was an extra person in the room, stop to glare and growl, and then get distracted by playing again.  heh. 

When our session was over, I had to leave immediately because I have to go pick S up from school and we cut it pretty close!  But her therapists were going to talk over what they observed and start brainstorming some things we can do to help Iz through her anxiety so hopefully Monday (speech) and Tuesday (therapy) will bring a good game plan.  :)

Oh, wait.  We can't make therapy on Tuesday--Izzy's sedated MRI is Tuesday afternoon and there just isn't time for me to go back for the boys and then back up to the hospital to make therapy (the hospital is about an  hour away).  Well, we should still get some information from the speech therapist on Monday/Thursday and then will see her regular therapist next week :)