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Saturday, September 6, 2014

A visitor and more :)

  • B came home from school very happy today--Miss K, his preschool teacher, came to his school to visit him today :)  B likes his new teacher and classmates but he does miss his old teacher!  He was with her for two years and she knew him almost as well as I do. They drew a picture together of the two of them and I'm thinking of framing it and hanging in his room because he was so proud of it and so so happy he got to spend time with her. 
  • I think two of my kids are going to grow soon.  Iz and B are eating more than I am and are constantly looking for snacks.  Yesterday, Iz ate breakfast four times.  Tonight, B polished off three pieces of chicken plus sides and dessert and then asked for more food.  I may need to buy them longer pants soon :p
  • Izzy has really been into imaginative play lately.  She gathers up random toys and turns them into whatever scenario she wants to act out.  I've "eaten" soup made of toys, drank tea from Mega Block cups, driven a car with a hat steering wheel, and worn a curled up scarf as a crown. Its fun to see what she comes up with 
  • We've been reading the Little House books at bedtime.  B seems to connect more with Mary because every night when I ask him what story he wants, he asks for the Mary story :0)  S prefers Laura--she's spunky.  We've read Little House in the Big Woods, Little House on the Prairie, and we are currently part way through On the Banks of Plum Creek.  Iz and B just like hearing the stories and looking at the illustrations but the books have sparked so many great conversations with S about history and society and tolerance and more.