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Friday, September 19, 2014

Another EEG and stuff

My Busy Little B had his routine EEG the other day--he did really well!  He was very cooperative and managed to not freak out about having the leads set up.  He needed lots of reminders to stay still and  not try to touch the wires but he tried really hard to do what the tech asked of him.  She got everything she needed and he got to watch Bob the Builder :p

Dr. W, the neurologist, said if the results are normal, we will get him set up to do the 24-hour EEG the way Isabelle did, just to make sure he's not showing any seizure or abnormal activity because the routine one is only 20 minutes and can miss things.  With a family history of seizures and Iz having them, he wants to be sure.  They said we should have results in a few days so maybe Friday or early next week.

MRI is set up for next month--that one makes me nervous.  It will be sedated because of his age and anything with sedation gets my nerves going full swing.  But I am also nervous about results--we went into Izzy's MRI expecting maybe a structural issue causing the seizure activity but a good chance everything would be just fine and came out with numerous issues, including cysts that could require neurosurgery some day.  Nerves.  For the next month.  Fun times.

In happier news, B really likes his new therapist and has been cooperative with her in getting to know her and talking about behavior.  He has been doing really well in school.  The bus has been a bit of a struggle--he is supposed to be harnessed but they don't have one for him and then complained he won't stay in his seat.  Um, yeah, that's why his IEP discusses the need to be harnessed :p  They said they will get one to use for him so that should help.

He had his very first homework assignment tonight--he had to trace the letters in his name three times :)  He kept telling me "my arm is so tired.  it can't write anymore."  I told him then he'd better get to bed right away and fall asleep early so I could wake him up early tomorrow morning after his arm had a chance to rest so he could finish tracing.  He decided his arm wasn't tired after all and finished his homework ;)