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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Another visit to the neurologist....

But today it was my Busy Little B's turn.  When his pediatrician referred him to neurology, I asked that he be scheduled with Izzy's neurologist.  We had to wait a little longer to get his initial appointment but I had a couple of reasons for wanting to get the same doctor:  1) I really like him.  He's so good with Izzy, even when she's hiding under a table from him.  He's gentle and kind and patient.  He takes his time, he answers any and all questions, and he never makes me feel like I'm over sharing.  I have no idea what could or could not be significant to him so I mention all the random things I think maybe he might need to know.  And sometimes he does need to know and other times its just random stuff that doesn't fall into neurological symptoms.  But he never gives me that attitude you get from some medical professionals because you "wasted" their time going over something irrelevant.  He will take the time to explain what he knows and how it does or does not connect to his specialty. 2) I think being familiar with family history is important, especially if this stuff is genetic as everyone expects.  Dr W is familiar with Izzy and her testing and treatment and because B has some of the same symptoms and Dr W already knows Izzy's history, I figure we might get to shortcut some of this stuff :p  And I was right--with Iz, we did a wait and see while she did some therapy before we moved forward with testing.  With B, we are going straight to testing to see if he is also having some seizure or unusual activity in his brain.  He's been referred for the short EEG (and we will followup with an overnight one if the short one is clear or if he has unusual activity that isn't clear-cut seizures) as well as an MRI (to check for structural issues since Izzy has several).

The neuropsych also referred B to a neurologist for medical management of his mental health diagnosis, particularly the ADHD so the timing of the pedi already referring him was kind of perfect :p  We already had an appointment coming up and I could just hand him the neuropsych report and just like that, B is his regular patient and eventually his followup visits will be synced with Izzy's so we only have to come up once for both of them :p  they can't sync just yet, though, since he needs to see Bryce sooner than Iz due to his upcoming testing.