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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A day at the Children's Hospital

So today was Izzy's much anticipated hospital day!  She popped right out of bed, was super cooperative eating breakfast and getting dressed and putting her socks and shoes on because she couldn't wait to go :p  What a change from the old days when just walking into the place gave her an anxiety attack!  I think it helped that she has been seeing the ophthalmologist every six months for a while now so she knows that the only not fun part is the eye drops to dilate her eyes and she thinks the way things look when she's dilated are "funny" so she's willing to put up with the drops ;)

We packed her food last night and she helped me pack it into the "lunch purse" today and carried it about the house while everyone else got ready.  It had snowed so we decided to leave straight from dropping S off at school rather than coming home for a little while and it was a very good thing we did.  The roads were bad.  It took us extra long to get S to school but I figured once we got on the expressway, it would be better because they usually plow/salt the expressway first.

We get on the interstate and there we are in the fast lane, passing car after car after car in the right two lanes.  Speed demon, y' a whopping five miles per hour.  HA!  It took us so long to get to the hospital, I was sure they would cancel our appointment and make us reschedule (which I hoped not because we waited a month and a half to get this spot!).  But they were understanding and gracious and sympathetic and got us right back and the appointment started.

Izzy's eyes look great--everything is healthy, no signs of problems (other than the fact that she is nearsighted and has astigmatism).  She did get a script for her first pair of glasses, just to wear when she's trying to see something across a room (watching tv/movies, storytime at the library, etc) and he said it wasn't a big deal if she didn't want to wear them but since she has been complaining things far away are hard to see and wants to get right up on top of things to look at them, it couldn't hurt to let her try glasses and see if it helps.  So she picked out some frames and is very excited for them to be finished so she can take them home and show them off :)

After her appointment was done, we stopped at the information desk and got a pass to go through security to the cafeteria so she could eat her snacks from her "lunch purse".  She carried the pass and showed it to the security guard and was very very proud of herself :)  I was, too!  Once upon a time, she would have been much to anxious to have that interaction.  She loved sitting in the dining room and spent a lot of time waving at and saying hi to everyone dressed in scrubs.  She still has a lot of "white coat" anxiety and tends to shut down if a doctor is wearing a white coat (except for her pediatrician--she LOVES her and instantly is comfortable with her) but scrubs equals nurses to her and she loves nurses :)

Thankfully, the drive home was a little easier and instead of going 5-25 mph we mostly got to do around 55mph so it took much less time getting home :p