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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Long time no post!

Things have been very calm here :)  We've had a few little illnesses but nothing too major and I am feeling hopeful we will have our second winter with no hospitalizations ;)

Izzy's genetics results finally came back--they've identified a couple of mutations (two from me, one from her dad) that are linked to some her heart and neurological problems but there isn't enough information about those particular mutations to say if they are the cause.  We know they are involved in things in those areas but they don't know if those mutations might cause problems.  But at least we know what the mutations are and future research could prove useful.

My busy little B has joined the ranks of glass-wearers.  He is farsighted with a touch of astigmatism so he only needs to wear his glasses for reading.  He's so cute putting them on to look at books or play his games :)