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Monday, March 14, 2016

Big Changes Ahead

My Busy Little B has some big changes ahead!  He is currently  in the first grade and has never been in a typical classroom.  He did two years of sped preschool and a year of sped kindergarten and this year for first grade he was in a small behavioral classroom (new state means different classification--in our old state everything went through sped).  But he has done so fantastic this year that he is ready to try transitioning to a regular classroom :)  We had the transition meeting tonight for him to start his day at our local elementary. He'll go for an hour and then return to his normal school and classroom.  As he adjusts to the hour, they'll add a second hour.  They will follow his cues so the transition to full day could happen swiftly or over the course of years.  I like the idea of not having a set schedule to transition and taking it slow based on his needs and comfort level :)  They have to set up transportation between the two schools for after his hour and then he'll start, probably next week.