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Thursday, March 17, 2016

More testing....

Tomorrow we head back to the hospital again for another test for The Baby.  His reflux has returned in full force along with throat clearing.  Every time he eats or drinks, he's clearing his throat the whole time.  Sometimes its just a couple times during a feed, sometimes its every thirty to sixty seconds the whole time.  Dr M is worried he might be having "micro-aspirations" and wants to get a swallow study to rule them out.  This kid LOVES to eat.  He nurses well and is satisfied, he loves baby food now that he's discovered mixed foods (when we were doing single foods he had no interest beyond a bite or two.  Now that he's on to a couple things mixed together he'll down 3-5 ounces before telling me he's full), and he's so active.  Crawling, standing, climbing, dancing.  If he'd just stop spitting his food back up!  Now that he's eating some solids, we are seeing just how long food is staying in his stomach--he was still spitting up dabs of orangish colored milk four hours after he ate sweet potatoes :|