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Friday, March 4, 2016

Developmental Pediatrician

Iz met with the developmental pediatrician for the first time.  He says her intelligence testing shows she's one smart little girl but her current abilities are way low and he thinks it all comes down to the anxiety she developed after surgery.  He asked permission to talk to the school and try to get them to make a medical exemption to bump her up on the wait list and get a spot for preschool and see if regular classroom experience can help her get past the anxiety (unlike her EI group where she made not a sound for over two years....) and if she still can't participate, he's recommending we try a very low level anxiety med.  He's in agreement with the neuropsych that its selective mutism but while therapy alone has helped improve things, its not enough.  He talked about maybe getting her into some other services as well--currently she's in OT to work on motor skills and sensory issues and she meets with a therapist every few weeks.  He mentioned maybe some PT for the low muscle tone and maybe speech.  Guess we'll see what happens?