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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Good Things

**B had his followup with the ENT and his ears are working better :) He still can't pass all the hearing tests but there was enough improvement that we didn't need to do the sedated test :) He will continue to take his medicine for a month and then be off it for two. If his ears stay clear, they will just monitor. If the fluid returns, we may still need tubes
**Iz has gone from a couple reflux episodes per hour to a couple per week :) We are all very pleased!
**Iz hit 19.8 on the home scale today--I know it isn't as accurate as the baby scale but it shows a gain in the right direction
**S also gained about six pounds--he is our stays boney no matter what and how much he eats so we like seeing gains :p Boy never stops moving
**Iz outgrew all her jammies :) Yay, growth!