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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Meeting her goals :)

little Miss Iz was strutting her stuff for our Lovely Lady from EI today :) She has met ALL of her goals for this month and met all but one of her goals for NOVEMBER. Woo-hoo! This little gal of mine sure can make stuff happen when she is determined :) Our Lovely Lady even mentioned Miss Iz might move herself right out of the program if she keeps this up :) Wouldn't that be awesome? As much as I love the ladies we have worked with and continue to work with, it would be wonderful to not need them anymore! We will see how the next few visits go.

In other news, S got a scholarship to attend a summer program at his school. Its kinda like a summer day camp with an emphasis on retaining and building on the educational skills. There are fun field trips, lots of games, playtime, and academic stuff. At first, he would be very upset if we referred to it as school because it was summer and you don't go to school in summer ;) So we called it his Summer Camp. After a couple of days, he told me we could call it school because that would be easier (ah, child, taking the easy way--saying Summer Camp is too darn long so call it school....). But only as long as we were clear that it was NOT school. In school, he goes to Specials (art, music, gym, his extra classes for his IEP) and they have a short recess. At camp, there are no specials and recess is sooooooo long that he almost fell asleep on the swings at recess. And they play way more games than in school. LOL He cracks me up ;)