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Monday, July 2, 2012

Thank you, World

Today was the day of Very Good Things :) Over the last year, it seems as though we have had Bad News far too often and have come to expect something major or minor to go wrong daily. Things to worry about, things to fix, things to turn everything upside down. Worry, fuss, muss, worry some more, cry, stress, be depressed. One after another after another. And then today comes along--one good thing after another after another. Interspersed with the Very Good News came pleasant family moments--S helping me plant more seeds for our little vegetable garden, B running with his birthday bubble lawnmower, Iz laughing with delight as she cruised along the swing set and practiced standing alone before she crawled across the yard on a grand exploring expedition, a celebratory lunch at our favorite chinese restaurant, relaxed shopping to pick up a few things we needed, cuddles, making dinner together, a baby sound asleep in her crib for the first time since her surgery (she will occasionally nap there but after dark? no way, no how).

It has been a very good day :)