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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

3 month post-op cardiologist visit

Iz was mostly cooperative during her EKG but she let it be known that she did NOT like the Echo. She does not like her scar to be touched by anyone but me and occasionally Daddy and even then, its only when she asks for it to be touched (she loves to be massaged and asks for it daily). Poor little mite looked so betrayed when we let Dr E continue to press the wand on her scar :/

It was a great appointment, though! Her blood pressure was really great, 94/60. She was 29.5 inches and 19 lbs 13 oz--gains in length and weight :) Last appointment back in May two weeks after surgery she was 29 in and 14 lbs 4 oz so Dr E was quite pleased with her growth.

The echo shows that her right pulmonary artery is still half the size of the left one. But it does not affect her at all so as long as it doesn't start restricting further, we should be fine. Dr E said that even if it does start restricting, the left will pick up the slack and we wouldn't see any outward signs and it would have to be picked up on echo. Fingers crossed that it just hangs out as is and never needs intervention :p

There are no leaks around her patch and he can see where her heart tissue is growing over and across it--he said eventually it would be completely surrounded by her heart. Reminds me of a tree we saw one day when we took the kids to the natural history museum; it was growing around and over a sign pegged to it. Won't be too long before the sign is completely enclosed by the tree.

The best news of all was that her heart is back to normal size :) We were warned that the enlargement would persist for months, maybe even a year, so I was hopeful that it would have gone done some but was not expecting to hear it went all the way :)

We have been cleared for yearly visits. One hand, that is fantastic! On the other hand, eek, I have to wait an entire year to be reassured that nothing has gone wrong? OY.