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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One week to go.....

These two guys have been busy fighting lately :p Every so often we get a few peaceful moments of play but I think they are ready for being together all day every day to end LOL They love each other but they need some time apart ;)

In one week, they both go off to school, S to the second grade and B to preschool. The house will be very very quiet...

Today we had B's preschool orientation and he was so excited :) He remembered his teacher from our visit last spring and he remembered the toys he liked in her classroom :p He had fun showing his Dad all over while I filled out the rest of his paperwork. He got a tour of the bus he will be riding and we met his bus drivers (two) and he cried when it was time to leave :p He was ready to say good-bye to us and stay!

The first day of school will be busy, though--S has an appointment with the orthopedist to get his cast (red) taken off for x-rays and then get a cast put back on (unless he needs surgery. Fingers crossed that he does not) immediately after school. That will take hours and I am hoping my parents can take B after preschool so I don't have to drag him through all of that appointment :p Iz is much easier to entertain than B is :p