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Monday, August 27, 2012

A bath-worthy meal....

This is the face of a happy and full little girl. I can always tell how much she likes a meal by how messy she is--if she doesn't like it, she picks at it and gets barely anything on herself. If she loves it, she steadily tries to get it in her mouth and gets it everywhere; we are still working on the fine motor skills and sometimes they leave much to be desired ;) A messy face and shirt and hands and hair mean Make It Again!

My husband and kids love Hamburgery Helper but I am not really a fan. It tastes....odd to me. Too many chemicals? Weird seasoning mix? I dunno. But we have reached a compromise. Over on Chickens in the Road, there is a recipe for various flavors of homemade versions and they are simple and cheap and I know exactly what is in them and they actually taste pretty good. Last night we tried the Taco version (recipe found here:>/) with black beans and corn added in, which was a hit, and I turned leftovers into enchiladas today, which was an even bigger hit.

I used the chilaquilies sauce recipe from The Vegan Mouse (>.html ) because we loved the flavor so much we always use it for homemade enchiladas now :p I put about three tablespoons of last nights leftovers in a tortilla, rolled it up, placed it in a dish with some sauce in the bottom and then covered my row of enchiladas with the rest of the sauce and cheese and baked.

It was such a hit that I have been asked to postpone tonights menu of pork cutlets (a favorite) and turn the rest of the leftovers into more enchiladas for dinner. It isn't often that they want the same thing for lunch and dinner ;)

More gratuitous messy baby shots ahead!