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Monday, August 20, 2012


Izzy learned how to wave a while back but really only did it when prompted. Probably had no idea why she was doing it but she went along with it because we asked :p Today, though, I think it all clicked in her little head because she was a waving machine!

All through Sam's Club, B would cheerily say "HI!" to people and Iz would start waving at them. I'd say 90% of people would say hi back and wave and a few stop to admire the cart full of cuteness ;)

Later on, I dropped B off at my parents' house and picked up S (kiddo did not want to walk around Sam's Club because his arm was achey today)--tonight was S's follow-up x-rays for his ortho appointment first thing tomorrow morning so off to the hospital we went. We arrived after hours so we had to make our way through the hospital to the back entrance of the ER to register; S thought our trip "exploring" the hospital was great fun :)

We stopped to look at a model of the Old Hospital and S reminded me that Grandpa had been in there when he was a kid--while S was in the ER last week, my Dad was talking to the nurse and telling him how he had been in the Old Hospital when JFK was assassinated and how he didn't really understand what had happened because of the medicine he was on (he was in for problems with his tonsils and had an allergic reaction to penicillin while there). One of S's ways of dealing with scary things like hospitals and IVs and big loud machines is to connect with the experiences of people he loves. He had to hear all about Iz while in the ER but since she had never been to this particular hospital, he needs stories about other people who were there :p

As we continue down more hallways, he asks if the New Hospital existed when Grandpa was little. I tell him no and that most of the New Hospital didn't exist when I was born because they had added on a lot since then. He had known I was born at that hospital but it just occurred to him tonight that that meant Grandma had also been there LOL He was quite excited that now there were four people on his "already been here" list (Aunt Heidi is the other) :p

He was the model of cooperation while we registered and waited and did x-rays and a little over an hour later we were on our way. We stop in to Meijer for a few groceries and without B there to announce our presence with his cheery "HI!", Miz Iz and her waves were not getting enough attention. So she started alternating her own baby version of Hi and Bye along with the waving and got what she wanted LOL S kept telling her how cute she was ;)

Fingers crossed that S gets his cast tomorrow! We had an appointment back on Tuesday and he was still too swollen to get a cast plus they are still not entirely sure that he doesn't need surgery :/ Hopefully the x-rays tonight look good and we can go the cast route and not have to worry about surgery for S :( The thought of it scares him (AND ME).