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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Back To School Preparations

  It seems as though we barely had summer--the weather didn't feel summery for most of the time at all!  I think perhaps we had two modes:  rain, rain, and more rain and then too-hot-and-humid-to-move.  Most of our plans kept getting postponed over and over again and now, summer is gone and school is just round the corner.

So we are busy little bees, going to school open houses and delivering school supplies and washing school clothes.  I think my boys' favorite part of back to school is deciding what are the best kinds of breakfasts to have :)  And I can understand why they are so preoccupied with food--both of them seem to be in the midst of growth spurts and think about food all. the. time.  

The mister is away for a bit working and to help him save money on food, I prepped him a box full of shelf stable, easy to fix meals--including breakfast.  He left with a months worth of homemade, extra large helping, instant oatmeal packets.  The boys wanted their own so we took a tour of my cupboards so they could pick out the toppings they liked.  Now, oatmeal is easy to make right then and there but I have most of a box of powdered milk (yuck) left and they thought this was super fun so we bought a container of quick oats instead of our usual old-fashioned oats and went to work.

We had a little assembly line going with their favorites--walnuts, raisins, cinnamon, sugar.  Some oatmeal, some powdered milk, some toppings, zip it up, put their name on it, and into the basket it went.  We made them last night and this morning they wanted to know if it was time to "just add hot water!"  Haha--school isn't in session just yet boys :)