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Sunday, August 25, 2013

We have a rider!

When S was younger, he wanted a bike so bad. It was all he talked about, all he wanted. So for his birthday, he got a bike and helmet.  Even with training wheels, he fell often so we added knee and elbow pads :p

S loved the idea of riding a bike but he had so much anxiety over it he rarely wanted to do. Attempting to learn to ride without training wheels over the last three years has been futile--he was just too anxious.

And then he started therapy through the ADHD clinic :-)  One of the things they have been working on is his anxiety issues and he has been doing awesome at overcoming some of his fears.

I wasn't there when he learned to ride solo but when I pulled up, he was raring to go and show me his newfound skills.  He was so excited and proud.

And then he got really anxious about it because he forgot his helmet.  Oh, anxiety, you do love to join us on every occasion!