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Thursday, August 8, 2013


Our sixth trip of the week into the City.  Eighty miles round trip each time.  I need a nap.

But at least our orthopedics trip was a double appointment so it was only one drive instead of two ;)  S was in to have her incision sites checked out (surgery two weeks ago!) and he got the all clear to be back to normal activity :)  He is happy he can go crazy on the playground again!  He was a bit confused about how quick his portion of the appointment went--Dr. J came in, looked at the incisions, checked to see if any dissolveable stitches were poking out, told him it looked good and he could go back to normal activities and that was that.

Iz was there on referral from her pediatrician to check over her legs and feet because of the toe walking and a slight limp.  The limp is completely gone and she has started walking a little more normally--she still gets up on her toes but not as much.  He said everything looked good structurally and the fact that she is getting those feet down more is good.  Since the limp is gone, we are back to wait and see since the toe-walking can be considered normal up to age five.

He looked over her x-rays from Monday and decided we would go ahead and cast today instead of waiting for next week--if he had been on-call Monday, they would have gone ahead and casted her then instead of waiting since he didn't think the amount of swelling she had should have affected a cast.  He cut off the splint and checked out her arm and movement and then she got a purple cast--she is much happier with it since it is lighter, less bulky, and he did not include her wrist and thumb in the cast so she can use her hand again.  Her break is up on the humerus so she didn't need her wrist immobilized for the next three weeks.  In three weeks we go back and she should be able to get the cast off.