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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Did you see the crazy people in the parking lot?

Two days ago, B and I were holding hands as we crossed the parking lot.  It was a usual scene for us--I am walking slowly because B must hop and twist and shimmy his way across the lot so he can avoid stepping on the yellow lines.  Blue lines are sometimes ok but today he cannot step on them either so it is taking us a while to get just a few feet.  We come to an island and I give a little sigh of relief because we can walk across it and avoid two whole feet of lines and move a little faster.  Our van is just a few spots down so we are almost there.  B jumps off the curb of the island........and lands directly on a yellow line.

He goes absolutely still and then his whole body begins to tremble.  I freeze, my breath catching in my throat as I think about the complete and utter meltdown we are about to see.  B does NOT step on yellow lines.  Ever.  He is shaking hard at this point and I wait for it--but it does not come.  He takes a deep breath and very deliberately steps on the next yellow line.  He pauses, looks up at me and grins and then deliberately steps on the next one.  And I become the crazy person in the parking lot--I cheer for him and we clap together and maybe there may have even been a little jumping up and down.

I told his Dad all about it and yesterday we go to Target.  The Mister asks B if he stepped on yellow lines yesterday and B grins at him and says "yup."  The Mister asks if he can do it again and he tells us, "YEAH!"  We all get out and B jumps onto a yellow line and yells, "I DID IT."  Then he tells us one by one to step on a line (something he has struggled with in the past--not only could he not step on one but neither could any of us) and each time we do he yells out "YOU DID IT."  And there is much cheering and clapping and dancing and yes, we were the crazy people in the parking lot two days in a row.

But you know what?  Being the crazy person in the parking lot felt pretty darn good because B stepped on a yellow line and that is HUGE for him.  It deserves happy screams and cheers and hand clapping and dancing.  I don't know if it will last, if he will continue to be able to step on yellow lines.  But for right now he can and it is still new enough that I will happily be the crazy person in the parking lot :)