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Saturday, September 21, 2013

My Busy Little B

B's transition to preschool has been a bit difficult this year.  He was very excited about going, he has the same teacher and the same classroom aides.  Some of the students were in his class last year.  Everything was set up for him to have an easy transition.......except for the fact that he is in the afternoon class instead of the morning.

He has been having such a hard time with not getting on his bus in the morning before S goes to school.  Add in the fact that I went back to school as well and Daddy is off working and his schedule is different every single day.

To help him out a bit, Miss K has made him a visual schedule at school so he can see which days I am picking him up or dropping him off and which days he will be taking the bus.  She asked for a picture of me he can see on his schedule to know when I am picking him up and so he can see which days I will be dropping him off the following day.  The day I was supposed to send the picture, he was insisting I would pick him up that afternoon.  I mentioned that I would send Miss K a picture so he can see that today he would ride the bus and tomorrow I would pick him up.

He pipes up for the back seat that he wants to "pitcher wit you".  I tell him, no, this is for his schedule--just me to show him I am coming to get him that day.  He tells me, "you pick me up.  I go wit you. I pitcher wit you."  I reflect back to him in question form--"because you are going to go with me, the picture should be us together?"  He shouts, "YAY!! You got it!"  So we took a picture together for his schedule :)

I am so proud of him :)  He not only used his words to tell me what he wanted but he told me why.  So many things in his little head are a mystery to us (including his teacher) because he can't articulate why it is so important to him.  And for the very first time, he was able to tell my WHY something he fixated on was so important.  He really wanted the picture to be of us together.  Instead of repeating "pitcher wit you" over and over and over and melted down, he told me why he wanted it to be of both of us :)  I am still awe.  My Busy Little B is moving forward.

Oh, and I OF COURSE had to immediately email Miss K and tell her all about it :p  Maybe she was humoring me but I prefer to think her excitement via email was genuine and she is just as happy about his progress as I am ;-)