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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Yesterday when I picked B up from preschool, he felt a little warm and they told me he had started to complain his throat hurt and he wanted to lay down.  His temp wasn't too high, 100.8, but it was enough that he wasn't feeling great and meant he got a day off preschool today.  He went to PawPaw's house as usual this morning so I could go to class and on the way home I let him know he would spend the afternoon at home with me instead of at preschool.

"Otay, momma.  I want stay home.  I go tomorrowday."
"Sorry, buddy, you have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.  Maybe you can go back on Thursday."
"The nex tomorrowday?"
"Yep, the day after tomorrow."
"Otay.  I sick, I stay home wit you. Tomorrowday I no go.  I go nex tomorrowday."
"That's right."
"I have a sanwitch?"

LOL  He got his sandwich and lots of cuddles and he is still a little feverish today but I think he is rather enjoying it since he got a frozen fruit pop after lunch for his sore throat :p