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Friday, September 13, 2013

One week ago...

...we headed for the Children's Hospital.  We had had many conversations about getting Izzy's cast off and the saw they use and that it wouldn't hurt.  She swung between nervous and excited.  In the elevator, we were having one more round of talking it over to get her ready and she first hid from us:
 And then she declared she wanted to keep her "purl cass"--she loves purple and did NOT like the idea of having to give up her cast!  I guess she forgot all the times she asked me to please take it off :p  She was quite grumpy for a bit:
 Once we were in the orthopedists office, she was too busy playing to think much about it.  She was even excited to go back in the exam room and look at the cool saw........until it became clear the saw was for her.  Poor girl was scared of that thing!  But even though she cried a little, she held fairly still and the nurse was able to take the cast off.  At first, Iz could not believe she was free.

 She kept asking if it was gone LOL.  She started moving and using it right away--when S got his cast off the first time, he couldn't move the arm without crying because the muscles hurt so much.  Iz, though, only complained a little that her arm was still "owie"
 Whenever she would move a certain way and it would hurt, she would come to me and show me where it was "owie" and my job was to lightly rub it until she was ready to play again :)
Her doctor said her x-rays were perfect and the bone healed up really well so she is all cleared.  He said she should try to take it easy on the arm for at least two weeks but that he was betting that wouldn't really be possible with her ;)  If I remember correctly, she was scaling the exam table when he said it :p  This one is such a daredevil!