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Friday, September 20, 2013

One year and five months....

...since her surgery and we got to spend another lovely evening in the ER :p

Poor Iz has croup and the normal at-home remedies were only effective last night to ease her breathing--today her temp shot up to 105.7 and she started retracting so off we went for steroids.  I would have rather gone to her ped but by the time she started struggling, it was getting close to closing time and they didn't have any open appointment slots.  We don't mess around with retractions so ER it was.

The magic apple juice and its steroids have done her a world of good--retracting has stopped, cough has eased, breathing is easier, and she is sound asleep.  Her poor throat is pretty sore but a fruit popsicle went a long way towards making her feel better in that arena as well :p

Feeling miserable

But not miserable enough to pass up a chance to play

Magic apple juice kicking in and all smiles :)