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Monday, November 25, 2013

In which I vent a bit.....feel free to skip :p

This path we are on, trying to get our kids set up with doctors, and services, and therapies, and such that will help them, can be so very frustrating.  Dealing with red tape, insurance companies, scheduling, normal everyday stuff on top of it, people with egos, people with ulterior motives, people who are busy, people who think they and only they are right, the crazy busyness of the schedule we have right now.  I often hear "I don't know how you do it.  No, really, I can't believe you can handle all this" and yet I also hear how I don't do enough.  Right now, S's special ed teacher is giving me a rough time, claiming that I am not reinforcing her teaching at home and its so important that I do.  And yet I do--I work with him nearly every day, despite the fact that he hates it, that he feels the stuff she sends home for reading is too "babyish".  He tells me she doesn't use this stuff at school so we don't need to at home, he tells her we don't do it at home.  I don't let him get away with it and remind him she wouldn't send them home if they weren't still using it so we will do it anyway.  She was totally played by him and ate it up and I get the condescending email accusing me of not doing enough.  UGH.  I waited several days to reply because my initial reaction may have made her cry and while she rose to the number one spot on my List of People I Dislike, who knows how long she will be S's special ed teacher.  He could be working with her for years so I should try to maintain some peace and need to think through how to respond.