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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Research Study

S was invited to participate in a research study at a university not too far away and he is so excited about it :)  He has completed the first part--a four hour evaluation with one of the psychologists--and Monday he goes in for an EEG.  He is really hoping they let him see part of it when it is all done so he can see what his brain wave patterns look like :p 

When I first asked him if he wanted to participate, he was adamant that yes, of course he wanted to do it because it would help the researchers understand kids like him and maybe they could come up with better ways to help kids.  Then he found out he would also be compensated for it and he saw Legos dancing in his head ;)  I am pleased with the fact that we get a thorough workup and already the psychologist he saw has given us some information to work with and take back to his pediatrician that we haven't gotten through insurance channels!