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Monday, November 25, 2013

Today was just peachy

My oldest is off school all week for Thanksgiving break and my middle child doesn't get on the bus until a bit after 11am so today was a chance to sleep in just a little bit.  Everyone stayed up a little later so they would sleep later and it worked!  Almost.  Iz's internal clock is precise and so she was up at the usual time :p  She did, however, agree to lay and cuddle for a bit so while I was awake, at least I wasn't up up.

B's bus was a bit later than normal so we were running behind schedule but not too badly--we would still have plenty of time to drop off Iz and make S's appointment.  We take Iz to PawPaw's house, get her settled in and off we went!  S was both excited and nervous--he worried that the EEG was going to read his mind and he wasn't sure he wanted them to know what he was thinking :p

And then, as we are driving along, BANG.  Out goes our tire :\  We wait nearly an hour for roadside assistance (I cannot get the lug nuts off a tire to change it.  The tow truck driver had trouble getting them off as well and even commented on how tight they were.  No way would I have been able to get them off).  I call up the lab and they say no one is scheduled after S so if we don't mind going in late, they don't mind.  So we get there 40 minutes late, it takes forever to get S hooked up to all the leads and stuff for the EEG......and the equipment isn't working properly.  The two guys in the lab are doing everything they can think of to get stuff working but it just isn't happening.  So the EEG hasn't been done and poor S never got to see his brain waves on the screen.  If they can get the equipment up and running, they will call to reschedule so maybe S will still get to see it :p