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Monday, April 16, 2012

All of Me

Just a few days to go and it seems more and more real.  Before, it was this thing that was off in the distance but now there are phone calls to reschedule appointments, there is packing for the hospital, there is explaining to a child who worries constantly what is happening without freaking him out too badly, there are ladies at church praying and giving me their phone numbers.

We drove up to the surgeon's office today to drop off paperwork for Mr. Piper's job so he can be off for the surgery and initial recovery.  I bought some comfortable clothes for my many many hours by Izzy's side.  I bought snacks for my parents' house for the days the boys will be there.  I am cooking weird meals to empty the fridge before we are gone for so long.

It is real.

A while back, another blogger (sorry, it escapes me who!  If you are reading, feel free to let me know I snagged this from you and I'll link your blog :) ) posted about a song by Mark Hammitt that I have been listening to so very much lately. 

It was written for Mark's son, Bowen, born with HLHS.  I sing this to Iz and she smiles and swoops in for baby hugs and kisses :)  The song is a reminder to cherish each and every minute--my time with her should not be clouded by fear and worry.  Its true for all of my children.  You just never know what moment may be your last.  Whether I have one more day or eighty years, every day is a blessing and a chance to show them how much I love them.  The old cliche about children being the greatest gift?  Absolutely true.