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Friday, April 20, 2012


Well, all the little chair-beds were taken out in the family waiting room and all that was left was the uncomfortable chairs that are also in her NICU room--if I was going to spend the night in an uncomfortable chair, it might as well be the one where I can also see and touch her anytime I want ;)  Good thing I stayed with her, too--everytime she woke, the only thing she wanted was for me to touch her and talk to her (and take out her vent but I couldn't help her with that one).

She had a few little setbacks.  Her urine output wasn't enough so they started her back on lasix (she's been on lasix and aldactone for five months so they are thinking she might be a little dependent on it and once they get her kidneys working properly, they can wean her off instead of cold turkey).  The lasix alone wasn't quite doing it so they added a new diuretic she has not been on (something with a d) in addition to her lasix and that seems to have done the trick--they are pleased with the increase in urine.

She also had several episodes of her heartrate suddenly dropping, none low enough to make the pacemaker turn on and most of them very short episodes but it is still a concern.  She will keep the pacemaker for a few days at least and hopefully it will resolve.

They were weaning her off some of the blood pressure/heart meds but her bp started going up so they had to increase one of them and slow down the weaning process.

They were aiming for a 6ish a.m. extubation but Little Miss was a sleepyhead and just kept napping.  She finally started being awake and alert enough to get her vent out around noon so now she is vent and ng-tube free :)  She was very chill about the whole thing and barely fussed at it--one of the doctor's commented that it was the most relaxed intubation he had ever done.  When they had the tubes out and put her nasal cannula in, she let them know what she thought of the whole thing by blowing raspberries at them ;)

We also were able to get rid of some monitors so no more leads on her forehead and back--I can see her whole face again!  She is napping again but that's great--sleeping means better healing :)  And she has been quite comfortable--they are doing pain meds as needed and her nurse last night was surprised at how long she is going between doses. 

They are hoping we can start getting rid of even more tubes/lines/monitors tonight and tomorrow--I hope so!  Her hands are restrained so she can't grab things and yank them out but her feet are free and she is very handy with those toes....we caught her trying to pull one of her chest tubes out with her feet :/

Overall, she is doing great :)