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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Home again

We finally got discharged from the hospital last night around 10pm and got home a bit after 11. IT was so good to sleep in my own bed :p I think Baby I was happy to be home as well! I know B was happy to have us home--he wouldn't let me out of his sight all day :p

In other news, B has officially been accepted into the preschool program next fall so he can continue to receive speech therapy in a more structured setting. He will continue to go to playgroup once a week until June and then will go to preschool everyday next year.

I need to do a proper update on S's IEP meeting but I AM TOO TIRED RIGHT NOW :P So tired that even thought I have just noticed the all caps of the end of last sentence, I am not going to fix it.....

Oh, and Baby I's surgery is being rescheduled :/