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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Good day :)

The weather the past few days has been really great and we have been heading out for the park after school or after dinner and taking walks and letting the kids play.  Her stroller is one of the few places where Iz is happy--she loves to ride around in her stroller and watch the people and birds going by. 

She had a terribly clingy day yesterday and pretty much the only break I got from holding her (or listening to her scream and start to panic each time I had to set her down for things like going to the bathroom....) was our trip to the park.

Today was a very pleasant surprise--she actually sat in her little bouncy chair or laid in her crib for ten to twenty minutes at a time and played.  I got to eat breakfast by myself.  I could run to the bathroom and not listen to her tears.  I washed the dishes.  Swept and mopped the floors.  Folded laundry.  Sorted out the winter clothing and put out the summer.  There was a lot of holding and cuddling and nursing, too, but it felt good to get a few things done so the mister didn't have to do it all when he came home from school :)  It would be lovely if she would agree to something similar tomorrow ;)