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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

One week, two weeks

Tomorrow, Wednesday, will be one week since Iz was discharged from the hospital. She has her cardiologist appointment in the afternoon and we had better see some weight gain on this girl :p I cannot believe how much she has been eating this past week--its like she is making up for all the times she was just too tired and didn't eat all that she could have. A few weeks back, she gained in length but not weight so her cute little pudgy thighs slimmed down and she no longer had the little leg rolls. During her bath tonight, what did I see? Little pudge leg rolls! Not as big as before but they are coming back so surely that means a nice gain, right? Unless she slimmed down somewhere else so she could grow her leg rolls back :p

On Thursday, she will be two weeks out from open heart surgery. It is hard for us to believe since she is twisting and turning and bouncing and rocking and rolling and sometimes even sleeping on her tummy/chest. It seems like she should be taking it easier but our girl is ready to play hard and long. Amazingly enough, even with all of her movement and play today, she did not need painkillers until bedtime when it all caught up to her.

She is amazing :)