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Monday, November 5, 2012

Adam Reed Tucker

We went back to the Lego Exhibit at the museum on Sunday so S could get an autograph :)  He was so excited and brought his very favorite Lego book (hardcover with six stories in it).  He was talkative in line but as soon as he was in front of Lego Master Builder Adam Reed Tucker he was starstruck and couldn't speak.  It was seriously cute.  I told ART S was a bit nervous and he was really nice and told S to keep building bc that's the best way to become a master builder (S's current career goal).  Once we were away from ART, S talked up a storm about him lol.
The boys both built some Lego buildings to go in the City at the museum and then we had time for some trains, planes, and automobiles before we left.
Today was Izzy's first swim lesson and she loved it :)  She was practicing in the bathtub tonight :D