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Friday, November 16, 2012

Starting to feel better

Izzy is finally starting to feel better--I was worried we would end up in hospital again but we managed to stay out!
My girl has been very cute and pathetic this last week.  All she wanted was for me to lay on the sofa so she could lay on top of me and doze and watch cartoons.  She loves to have PBS on but usually she ignores it until there is singing--she stops for singing so she can sing and dance along.  She gets excited when I say I'll put PBS on but doesn't really care that most of the time the tv is off so it is very unusual for her to bring me the remote and ask for "toos". 
Yesterday, she still felt bad enough that she wanted to mostly be still but she did sit in her brother's little black chair to watch about ten minutes and then she insisted I lay down so she could crawl up on me and take another nap lol. Improvement!