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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Dare I hope our walks are going to happen more and more often?

It was such a beautiful day we went to the park to walk after all the kids got home from school.  Its harder to do this year because S gets home an hour and a half after the Busy Little B (they used to get home fairly close together).  Once S gets home, we are usually doing chores, homework, cooking dinner, bedtime, so its hard to fit trips to the park in during the day but it was so nice we made it happen :p

Once B was home, I cooked dinner most of the way and then popped in it the oven (turned off, just wanted it to stay warm) when S got home.  We get to the park and I realize I forgot the stroller!  We had Mia with us and she needed a walk to calm her down and burn some energy so we decided to brave it and let W walk with us.  We only went about 3/4 of a mile total (we usually do at least two) and poor W was dragging his feet at the end but he did indeed walk the whole way and Mia was so happy to be out with us that she didn't care we "quit" early ;)

Our walk ended at the playground and W was so very brave.  He's been working hard at doing stairs properly and he very carefully did a short set on his own at the playground, holding the rail, making sure his feet were firmly on the tread before moving to the next stair, and then he went down the curly slide by himself.  His OT at the hospital had been working on going down a slide properly before we lost our time slot and he apparently remembered all her lessons because he did it just right :)  He ran in a big loop, stairs, slide, stairs, slide, etc and every third or fourth slide would run over to me clapping and he'd babble very excitedly all about it before he ran off to do it again :)

Once we got home, the kids did their chores while I pulled dinner out and finished it up.  Our tilapia soup simmered on the stove while I finished up some cleaning and we ate.  Oddly enough, we sat down to eat and finished sooner than we normally would!  Doing most of the cooking before S got home really made up for the time we spent at the park :p  Kids got a half hour of playtime before bed even!