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Friday, April 21, 2017

Speech Day!

Normally W has speech while Miss Iz is in preschool but our SLP has been having some scheduling upheaval this month and today she came after Iz got home.  Iz wants to be involved, wants to play with the toys and puzzles, wants to "help" W by doing things for him so he won't get frustrated.  Normal little kid stuff.  The SLP never says anything but her body language screams her irritation.  I get it, I do, she has a job to do and Iz's interference hinders that.  I try to keep Iz away as much as possible but I find myself feeling irritated right back because she changed the schedule, not I, and she knows coming in that Iz will be there and previous experience tells us Iz just wants to be included.  I try to have things for Iz to do but the other therapists include Iz in their plans if they know she'll be home and she's having a hard time understanding why the SLP doesn't want her there :\