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Sunday, April 16, 2017

This week's OT update

W was a little more focused in OT but not by much :p  One of his activities was very similar to one he did in PT (climb up and over a foot stool and then put a shape into the shape sorter) so he didn't even wait for Miss M to show him what to do--you could see his little mind going "I got this!"  Miss M made it a bit more challenging with two different stools with two different heights so he had to do it like stairs and then a big step down to get to the toy.

She worked on getting him to cross the midline, an activity that still makes him grumpy :p  She also had him getting down on his stomach and playing with the toys, a move he carried over to bathtime--he kept laying on his tummy in the tub and calling "looh!" (look) to me.  And then clapped for himself LOL

One activity he hates but we keep trying is swinging in the blanket.  He was a big NO at the beginning of the session but at the end he stood in the blanket and let us swing him and then he sat down and giggled and when the song was over, he asked us to do it again.  So we swung him again but he decided he was done halfway through the song :p  But, hey, the fact that he asked to go again was good!