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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Week One of April, PT update

W was just not in the mood today--he ran to greet Miss C and even called out play! and ball! when he saw her but then just shut down and would not go near her and clung to my legs.  Sometimes he gets a little anxious and is clingy and then relaxes and starts to participate but he was just not having it today.  After multiple failed attempts to get him off of me and out to play, I realized the problem--Miss C was wearing her glasses!  W has never seen her in glasses, always contacts.  She took her glasses off and he runs over to her almost immediately, points at her and shouts "kiss!" (his version of her name).  HA! We had a chuckle over it and she was able to slip her glasses back on and they ran through some exercises and tasks.  He still wasn't the most cooperative but at least he would go near her again :p

In the afternoon it was time for Miss Iz to have her physical therapy.  She had a really great session--she is really focusing and listening and doing her best to follow instructions.  Her PT was so pleased with how quickly she is picking things up :)

We stopped at Panera Bread afterwards (its free bagel month for us!) to celebrate a good session for Miss Iz.  She split her bagel with her baby brother and talked up a storm the whole time we were there ;)