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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

PT day!

W was SO EXCITED to see Miss C today!  He could not wait for her to come inside and play with him....and then she came in and was wearing her glasses and he hid from her LOL  She has only worn her glasses once before and he didn't recognize her and was super nervous. I think he forgot what she looked like with glasses but the more she talked, the more he relaxed--took him a bit to associate her voice with the strange lady with glasses ;)

He was fairly focused on what she wanted him to do, even though he did try his best to outsmart her a few times to do what he wanted to do.  But eventually he just went and got her shoes and told her "bye" and decided he was done with the requests to show off his jumping and standing on one foot skills :p  Soon it will be nice enough out that we can start going to the park for sessions (which will make summer sessions when all kids are home so much easier since they can busy themselves playing while W works!)