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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hey, Mom, look how smart I am!

This morning, I was up much too early so I was quite happy when Baby I woke up ready to nurse and cuddle. I curled up in bed with her while she nursed and when she was done, she rolls over, smiles, and stretches. I am very pleased to see that she is stretching above her head, since that is one of the things we are working on :)

Then she stares at her hands a moment and begins opening her hands, making a proper fist, opening her hands, touching her thumb and forefinger together, opening her hands, making a fist, etc. She is using that little thumb the proper way!

Then she brings her hands together in front of her, stretches them out to the sides, up above her head, then back together in front of her. Repeat a few more times.

I am laying there beside her, smiling at the serious look on her face as she plays, and then it occurs to me...she is doing our routine! The same order, the same number of repetitions, the same movements we have been doing together a couple times a day for the last couple of days since The Lovely Ladies suggested some at-home PT would help her. She remembered her exercises and was doing them by herself :) of course, once she finished her routine, she went right back to refusing to use her thumb properly and not wanting to stretch out but at least we know she she can learn and even practice her PT by herself LOL

You would think this would mean she no longer fights me when I do her exercises with her but nope, she still doesn't want to do it :p I keep her laughing so she doesn't notice as much but most of the time, she isn't thrilled to be doing it :p