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Monday, January 16, 2012

The stomach bug is making its way through the house

Last week, Mr. Piper has the stomach flu. A Few days later, I had it. Now, a few days later, S has it. I am hoping B manages to avoid getting it as a vomiting two year old is even harder to console than a six year old :( But most of all, I hope little Baby I can avoid it--she does not need to be that sick with her health problems and with the problems she has gaining weight :/ I am hoping all of the antibodies she got through breastfeeding while I was ill are still doing the trick and will keep her from getting the virus from S. She and S have such a strong bond that it is pretty much impossible to keep them apart :p

The cereal is helping her keep down most of her breastmilk although we had a bit more spitting up today. The pain of the reflux is bothering her more, though--poor Baby I has not been sleeping well at night--if I hold her upright she is fine but as soon as I lay her down, she is fussy and crying and just doesn't feel good :( She will nurse for a ew seconds and that seems to ease the discomfort enough for her to sleep for a few minutes at a time but the majority of the night is short naps and then comforting. I hope tonight is easier for her...and for me since I could really use a little sleep :p