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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The World is Amazing

Baby I has always been interested in the world around her.  On the day she was born, she was lifting her head up and looking into my eyes and watching whatever came into her field of vision.  Over the last four months, when she wasn't sleeping, she was watching.

Today, though, I realized that she can see much farther than we had thought.  She was amazed at our fishtank, delighted by her brother dancing across the room, enamored of her Grandpa walking through the door.  And she isn't just watching anymore, she is demanding to be brought closer and included in whatever is happening.

Tonight, we used one of our Christmas giftcards to have dinner out and rather than sitting contentedly in our laps as is her habit at mealtimes, she demanded to be picked up and held against her Daddy's shoulder.  At first, we thought she just wanted to stand but it soon became clear that she couldn't see much beyond the things on our table while sitting down--standing, though, she could look out over Daddy's shoulder and watch the people at other tables and walking around.  She could smile at them and they would smile back.  She could babble at passing waitresses and they would stop and talk to her. 

She has always been amazed at the world around her.  But her delight today at realizing that she can change what is happening in that world, that people (other than mom or dad or the Brothers) will respond back, was amazing to us.  With all of the worries and stress and trying to balance appointments and paperwork and everything else, it is easy to forget that simple little things like someone returning your smile are amazing.  Thank you, Baby I, for reminding us that despite the rough edges, there is always something to marvel at in the world.