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Sunday, January 15, 2012


We are on day three of trying the rice cereal and seeing if it helps with Baby I's reflux. The first time, she wasn't so sure about it--she rolled it about in her mouth, gummed it, smacked her lips, and touched it with her fingers. Then she decided it was fun and blew bubbles with it ;) Most of it went on her face and hands as she played with it but she did swallow a little.....and she spit up less after nursing. The second day, she swallowed a bit more but still had great fun playing with it, but she spit up even less. Today, she got excited when she saw me with the bowl and spoon. She giggled and squealed and opened her mouth so I could spoon some in. And she ate it all. She was all about swallowing it today, no playtime with the cereal. And ever since, she has not had her usual post-nursing session fussiness where she cried and arches her back before spitting out enough breastmilk to soak her clothiing. She did a small amount of complaining and spit up a tiny little bit and then was happy. Perhaps, if this keeps up, she'll be able to gain weight a bit easier :)