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Monday, January 9, 2012

Synagis, the first

Today was our first trek into The City to the Children's Hospital. I had never been there before so I guess it was a good thing we needed to know since if I starts showing signs of distress, we would need to take her to the Children's Hospital and if she needs surgery, it will be done there. It is very bright and cheery and B thought it was a good place :) He enjoyed the revolving doors and the elevator rides and the toys and brightly colored animals everywhere.

Registration took longer than expected but we were early so we still made it up to the Infusion Suite on time. They weighed I and she was an even twelve pounds--yay!! Since she stopped growing once she began the heart meds, every new ounce is a source of celebration and she gained four of them since Thursday :D Once she was weighed, the nurse administered the Synagis to another baby who was waiting--that poor baby was not at all happy about it :( B got very upset and wanted to go over and comfort the baby and kept saying "oh, no. oh, no. oh, no" He was not at all happy when the nurse prepared I's shot and brought it over to give to her--Mr. Piper had to hold him so he wouldn't try to interfere. I, of course, was flirty and happy and all smiles and it made both the nurse and I feel bad because we knew what was coming :/ I, like the other baby, was not at all happy and let us know it. I cuddled her and rocked her and offered to nurse her but she didn't want to at first. After I calmed down, the nurse came over to check on her and as soon as I saw her, she cried again--she did not want the nurse anywhere near her! The nurse gave her her space and she started to nurse and once she was good and distracted by her yummy breastmilk, the Nurse slipped back in to check her over and make sure she didn't have any type of reaction to the shot (she didn't. Not even a red mark on her leg where the needle went in). Once I finished her lunch, we dressed her again and headed out.

On the way out, we noticed a playroom for brothers and sisters--good to know for future visits since B got very very upset after the shots were given and demonstrated for everyone what the terrible twos really are LOL It made the Nurse nostalgic for the days where her now-grown children were two :p Ah, the things you miss when they are well pST those stages!

I has been a little cranky but overall she did very well. I still am not looking forward to doing it again next month :p

One thing I wish, though, is that Synagis was more effective. One statistic I read is that Synagis only prevents hospitalization from a RSV infection in one out of seven babies. However, while the baby may still be hospitalized with RSV, it is still a milder case for most that if they got RSV without Synagis. With S and B bringing home germs from school and Sunday School and just normal day-to-day trips to the store or to play, I very much want I to have that extra layer of protection. Synagis may have a low chance of keeping her out of hospital if she contracts RSV but at least it gives her an excellent chance of surviving what could be fatal to a little one in her condition.

Cardio tomorrow--wish us luck that she can go another month without surgery :)