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Thursday, March 8, 2012

B had his first speech therapy playgroup yesterday and that boy was not in the mood to be cooperative!  The therapists and other parents told me that it is pretty normal for a new kid in the group and that it takes most kids a few times to get into the rhythm of things.  I sure hope so because that was pretty stressful LOL  I do hope next week goes better!

The weather here got fairly warm the last few days--all the way up to seventy yesterday with sun shining.  Unfortunately, the wind was strong and made it difficult for Baby I to breathe whenever a gust blew into her face.  She was bundled into her stroller and every time a gust of wind came along, I turned the stroller sideways so the wind didn't hit her.  She looked surprised every time the wind came along LOL

The boys, however, were not bothered at all by the wind and happily ran around playing, happy to finally be able to be outside playing.  Between cold and wind and snow and rain and soggy ground (it has been a weird winter), they have mostly been trapped inside.  S had to run from place to place, trying out everything.  B had to be the little brother and follow his big brother everywhere :)

And a bonus picture from the other day, just because :p