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Thursday, March 29, 2012

How many techs does it take to draw a Baby I's blood?

Part of Baby I's surgery consult was a script to go get some blood typing done--because I am Rh-, all of our children have their blood typing done at birth to see whether or not I need the second Rhogam shot after birth (lucky me, every single child is Rh+ and that second shot hurts way worse than the first during pregnancy......).  So they were able to get Baby I's blood type (B+) but the birth hospital did not run all the screenings they need so the following week she and I headed for our local hospital to get it done.

Baby I had the charm turned on :)  She charmed people while we were signing in at registration, while in the registration waiting room, while we were sitting with the registrar, signing in to the lab, waiting in the lab waiting room.....well, you get the picture :p  Every where we went in the hospital, Baby I made a new adoring fan and there are many people now sending her prayers and well wishes for her upcoming surgery. 

We were in the lab waiting room for a while waiting for a tech to come that could do a blood draw on such a little baby.  Then we had to wait for the blood draw cubicle that had the little bed to lay her on.  Then we had to wait for several other techs to be free to help.  Baby I laid on the tiny bed and I held her free hand and her head.  Someone else stood at her feet and held those (kick kick kick.....).  Someone else held the arm they were drawing off.  The woman doing the blood draw got the needle in (oh, my, the screaming!  Poor baby :( ) and filled the first vial but because she had to hold the needle in (even with someone holding her arm, Baby I was a wiggle machine trying to get away) to ensure it stayed in place so she couldn't exchange her vials.  I guess they expect this because yet another tech stood behind her and would step forward, remove the full vial and slip the next one in.  Thankfully, it was done quickly and Baby I had her band aid and some cuddles and was soon all smiles again.

It does make me nervous, though, about her surgery.  I get all misty eyed when she gets shots or a blood draw and things will be so much worse :\

Fast forward to today:  Baby I's fever broke but she still has a little cough.  Still hoping she'll be all better by Monday. 

Oh, and we had S's IEP meeting yesterday and there is much to report but I think that shall have to wait until I have more time (and energy) to get it going.  I am hopeful, however, that the proposed changes to the way both we at home and the school will handle him will be positive for him :)  I am VERY glad I pushed for the full evaluation--we found out things that will be so helpful that we wouldn't have known had the experts not done those evaluations :)