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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Synagis, the Last

Yesterday was Baby I's final Synagis shot--again, we nursed through the shot and she did very well :)  She didn't even realize she was getting it until it was almost done and she cried for about thirty seconds this time before returning to nursing and settling back down (the nurse administering the shot was amazed at how little she cried since all the babies scream over that shot).  Of course, shots of any type mean extra sleeping:

She was insistent that any sleeping HAD to be done right next to me so I spent a lot of time reading in bed while she napped :p  No bassinet or bouncy chair for her!

The good news is that she managed to eke out just a little bit more weight and broke the thirteen pound mark :D  Granted, she was 13 lb 0.6 ounces but it was still above thirteen ;)

I was feeling a little irritated today--I refilled Baby I's heart meds at the pharmacy because she is almost out.  Being such a little thing, she is on very low doses of Lasix and Aldactone and not only does the literature for these drugs have warnings but the pharmacist and the cardiologist and the pediatrician have all mentioned how very important it is to give exact doses.  Too little and it won't work and her heart and lungs will struggle too much.  Too much and Very Bad Things can happen.  So I need medicine droppers that can measure out very small amounts--you cannot buy ones over the counter that handle those amounts so precisely.  I have to rely on the pharmacy to provide me with syringes with the needles removed to dispense the meds.  They know I can't get them.  They know I need them.  They know I can't buy over the counter dispensers and "guesstimate" the dosages.  And yet, every single time, I have to fight for these syringes.  Every time.  ARGH.  And it isn't as though I am asking for a new syringe for every dose--I need new syringes about every two weeks because the numbers wear off and I can no longer see the lines to get correct dosages.  I make them last as long as I can.  And I only ask for three at the most (she is also and Zantac but I do not have to be as precise with that dosage so I can use over the counter droppers but prefer not to because they are too big for Baby I's mouth and she is a terror to give Zantac to :p  Smaller droppers are easier to get down).  So I am irritated once again that it was suggested I buy an over-the-counter dropper and that I once again had to point out that you cannot "guesstimate" with heart meds for a tiny baby.  *sigh*  Rant over.  I think ;)

Tomorrow B has his first speech therapy playgroup--fingers crossed that he doesn't spend the entire time hiding behind my legs!